Official Translations

Our Agency engages in official translations of all text types. The work is performed by professional translators who are graduates of the Ionian University and have the right to do official translations, according to provisions of Presidential Decree no. 169/2002 (Official Gazette 156/2002). Therefore, our translations are equivalent to those of the Translation Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and officially recognized by the government in Greece and abroad.

Below are some types of texts:

  • Legal texts (court judgments, deeds, lawsuits, proxies, etc.)
  • Technical texts (technical manuals, instructions, scientific articles, etc.)
  • Medical texts (medical reports, diagnoses, invoices of examinations, etc.)
  • Economic texts (statements, pension schemes, accounting, tax documents, etc.)
  • Certificates (diplomas, degrees, graduation documents, official transcripts, etc.)
  • Business correspondence
  • Website translation

We provide our services throughout Greece and abroad.